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Sleep Baby Sleep
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Tracey Gold plays a mother who is stunned to find herself the chief suspect in a police investigation into her own baby's disappearance. Her family suggest that her Attention Deficit Disorder may be to blame. Her husband is no help, but the friendly detective helps her out.

Kyle plays Peter, Tracey Gold's husband.


Tracey Gold .... Sylvie
Kyle Chandler .... Peter Walker
Missy Crider .... Joanna Blessing
Joe Minjares
Karla Tamburrelli .... Tracy Corbett
Thomas Calabro .... Detective Martinson
Joanna Cassidy .... Hannah Pierson
Brian Brophy (I) .... Special Agent Donovan
Jeff Heston .... Shawn Decker
Fredi Olster .... April
Mike Randleman .... Cadge