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Convict Cowboy
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Movie made for Cable TV, 1995

Clay Treyton(played by Kyle), gets arrested for being a little drunk and disorderly, with a touch of vandalism. Once in jail, he befriends, Lattrell(Glenn Plummer), who has the hook ups. With the help of Lattrell, Clay lands a job on the prison ranch where he forces himself on Ry Weston, a one time rodeo champion and life inmate.


Jon Voight .... Ry Weston
Kyle Chandler .... Clay Treyton
Marcia Gay Harden .... Maggie
Ben Gazzara .... Warden
Glenn Plummer .... Lattrell
Stephen McHattie .... Jagges
Dean Wray .... Earl
Jim Baker (II) .... Billy
Tom Heaton .... Lon
Jeremy Ratchford .... Bob
Bill Croft .... Bishop
Zook Matthews .... Savoy
Fred Perron .... Jitters
Tyrone Benskin .... Curtis
Nathaniel DeVeaux .... Otis