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Angel's Dance
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Movie made for Cable Tv in 1999

Tony wants to be a hitman for the Mafia, but first he has to learn from a master. Enter Stevie California-cool, eats veggie burgers and quotes Neitzche. Tony may not agree with Stevie's style, but he has to complete his training so he can go back and kill the Mafia's accountant, who's about to turn state's evidence. His final test: kill whoever is randomly picked out of the yellow pages. His target: Angel Chaste. Angel works the graveyard shift at a mortuary. She thinks a doll is her baby. Her mother left when she was little. Basically, Angel has PROBLEMS. When Tony, Angel and Stevie collide, it will change all of their lives.


James Belushi .... Stevie "The Rose" Rossellini
Sheryl Lee .... Angelica Chaste
Kyle Chandler .... Tony
Frank John Hughes .... Nick
Ned Bellamy .... Police Detective
Mark Carlton .... Bob
Mac Davis (I) .... Norman
Jon Polito .... Uncle Vinnie
David Bickford .... Accountant
Timo Flloko .... The Shank
Joe Luis Garcia .... Johnnie