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September 24, 1991 - April 26, 1993

Critically acclaimed hour dramatic series set in the town of River Run, Ohio, at the end of World War II. The continuing stories focused on the town's returning soldiers and their efforts to readjust to life at home. The show started in 1991 on ABC and was cancelled once. After viewer protests, the show was once again shown but due to rating cut-backs, it was permanently cancelled.

Kyle played Jeff Metcalf, a rookie right fielder for the Cleveland Indians, and--after a fling with barmaid Judy--settled into a tumultuous long-term relationship with ambitious Ginger, who finally got her big break as the "Lemo Tomato Juice Girl" on network radio.


Kyle Chandler .... Jeff Metcalf
Sammi Davis (I) .... Caroline Hailey
Ken Jenkins (I) .... Mike Sloan
Mimi Kennedy .... Ruth Sloan
Tammy Lauren .... Ginger Szabo
Sterling Macer Jr. .... Robert Davis (1991-1992)
David Newsom .... Hank Metcalf (1991-1992)
Harry O'Reilly .... Charlie Hailey
Wendy Phillips .... Anne Metcalf-Kahn
Kelly Rutherford .... Judy Owen (1992-1993)
Giuliana Santini .... Gina Sloan
John Slattery .... Al Kahn
Jessica Steen .... Linda Metcalf
Dick Anthony Williams .... Abe Davis
Alexandra Wilson .... Sarah Brewer Metcalf (1991-1992)
Hattie Winston .... Gloria Davis
Sam Behrens .... Phil Havel (1993)
Kevin Scott Allen .... Ed (1991-1992)
Andrew Cavarno .... Emma Sloan (1992)
Steven Cavarno .... Emma Sloan (1992)
John DiSanti .... Sam
Montrose Hagins .... Grandmother Davis
Robert Duncan McNeill .... Bill Caswell