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Contributed by Caraleigh H.
I Met Kyle Too!
Roundabout Theater Company's Production of PICNIC
December 8, 2000 Taping of What About Joan
January 19, 2001 Taping of What About Joan
March 9, 2001 Taping of What About Joan

Welcome to the encounters page, where you can read stories written by people who met Kyle...that's right, actually saw him in person. Enjoy.

"I'm an actor in Chicago, and I just got done working on an episode of Early Edition. I didn't know who Kyle Chandler really was and was trying to find out some info on the guy I just worked with. He's a real nice guy. I had a small part but he treated me like I was an equal. He treats all the crew and extras as equal also, he's a great guy and a worthy hero for you guys."

- C.J.

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Kyle with Fans; Actual size=146 pixels wide

All pages in this "encounters" section is part of this site, Kyle 4 fans, and have been transcripted with permission specifically for this site. Please do not take any of it without permission. Thank you.

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