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I Met Kyle Too!


Contributed by Caraleigh H.
I Met Kyle Too!
Roundabout Theater Company's Production of PICNIC
December 8, 2000 Taping of What About Joan
January 19, 2001 Taping of What About Joan
March 9, 2001 Taping of What About Joan


In the morning, I was on the bus coming to school and I saw the Movies in Motion trucks and trailers and whatnot. I was like "wow...what are they filming?" I live for those trucks. So I asked the security guard what it was and she says "First Edition." I put 2 and 2 together and I figured "Early Edition" the only TV show that filmed in Chicago that was close to that.

At lunch, we went out and watched them film a car stealing scene. We asked some worker (sorry, I don't quite know what she does) if we could see Kyle, but she said lunch was at 12:30 and we'd have to cut class to see him. But they didn't stop filming until 5, so that left plenty of time to go out after school.

So we go out, and at first nothing is happening. A firefighter who was on the set (probably something for stunts) told us that another guy was Kyle's stunt double and to look out for someone else wearing the same clothes. The stunt double was all short and creepy. But then someone saw Kyle and called his name and he was like "Hey!"

We stood around for a while, watching him film and then we were told to go on the side of the street he was on. He was about 10 feet away and looking really good. Really nice bum, pretty eyes. So he walked right past us (imagine our excitement, a group of 5 teenage girls) and we stood there, mouths gaped open. The same woman we had talked to before told us to go up and talk to him.

We went over to where he was and someone had called him on his cell phone (his stunt double from across the street) and Kyle said "you are one sick puppy!" I assumed the guy said something referring to a bunch of teenage girls flocking to him, but I could be wrong. As always, I was the first one up to him. He's like "Hi" and I guess I said something, but I don't remember. Sooner or later, we got around to asking for autographs. He was very nice and funny and all of that.

He signed them against a wall and his back was turned to us. (nice bum!) I took out my convenient little Kodak Max camera and argued with my friends about asking for a snap with him. "You ask!" "No you do it!" "Come on, Kim! ask him!" Kyle turned around and said "ask me what? I'm standing right here, I could hear you the whole time." Which is kind of a shame because I'm sure I said something about his bum while he was there. So we got some other guy to take a picture and Kyle VOLUNTARILY put his arm around me (!)

It was a really great experience. The best Monday I've ever had. And what tops it off is that he let us get food from the craft services table! I still have some grapes...

- flamewall7