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January 19, 2001 Taping of What About Joan


Contributed by Caraleigh H.
I Met Kyle Too!
Roundabout Theater Company's Production of PICNIC
December 8, 2000 Taping of What About Joan
January 19, 2001 Taping of What About Joan
March 9, 2001 Taping of What About Joan

Well, last night was the big night. The night we had tickets to the JCS. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the taping. :-( It really sucked. They say that it is a first come/ first serve basis but it really isn't. We were the 154-158th people to show up, so we SHOULD have gotten in to see it as they take 200 people but they didn't tell us that they set aside 60 seats for VIPs who can get there just a few minutes before the seating time and still get to the front of the line. Grrr...we were a bit ticked especially because the directions to the studio told us to get off the expressway at least ten miles from where we should have. If we had taken the expressway, we'd have gotten there at least 30 minutes sooner.

However, it wasn't a total loss. Since we didn't get seating for this taping, we got to put our names down to get VIP tickets for a later taping. Yeah, we'll be the ones being glared at by the poor suckers at the end of the line. Of course, that is only if the show gets picked up for next season as the rest of the tapings for this season are already full.

After all the lucky ones got to be taken in to the studio, the rest of us (about 20) were taken into the 'green' room which wasn't green at all and was more like a big garage. There we got to watch the taping on a live feed from the studio. It was okay, I guess, but not nearly the same as watching it live. When a scene was finished, the camera was off so we didn't get to see what happened after the scene was done like if the actors say anything or the director or whatever. Occasionally, there would be a flubbed line and we'd get to see them talking about where to begin again.

The special guest star last night was Stephanie Powers. She plays Kyle's mother. We did get to see her as she walked through the room to get something to drink from a fridge. She didn't talk to anyone though. I must say that she looks WAY too young to play KC's mother.

Oh! and guess who plays KC's dad in the show??? RON DEAN! That's right, Crumb! :-) That was pretty cool.

The highlight of the night was about half-way through the taping, I was talking to my dh when my brother said, "Hey Mary, here comes your buddy." I turned, and there was KC walking through the room. He walked by all of us sitting there, then kind of stopped and said, "What are you all doing here?" One of the other people waiting told him that we were the unlucky ones who didn't get into see the taping.

He was like, "Oh, that's too bad." Then he smiled and said something like "I'll try to make up for that at little by telling a joke." He then stood there (only about 8 ft from me!) and told a joke about someone building a house and buying 2x4's. Truthfully, I wasn't listening all that well as I was sort of in shock. Anyway, we all laughed when he was done, then he got whatever it was he came in for. My brother, who closer to him than I was turned to his wife after the joke and said "I've heard better." He thinks KC might have heard him because as KC was walking back into the studio, he said something that sounded like "I'm on comedy and I can't even tell a funny joke." He was smiling though as he said it.

I must say that he looked really good. Taller than I thought and thinner too. He looked very trim and in shape. Just kind of made we wonder what some other actors look like in person.

- Mary