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New focus, new tone for Joan 10/1/01

New focus, new tone for 'Joan'

By Gary Levin

What About Joan, Joan Cusack's first TV sitcom, returns for a second season on ABC Tuesday with a few changes and plans for the star's brother, John, to appear in an upcoming episode."We kind of came to the realization that the more realistic it was, the better," Cusack says, adding the series will be less jokey but more "relatable," focusing on teacher Joan Gallagher and her romance with investment-banker Jake Evans (played by Kyle Chandler of Early Edition). "The goal was to make it a more sophisticated show. We didn't want it to be a cynical, negative comedy."New executive producer John Levenstein says Joan's tone also will shift: "There was a lot of her spinning out and freaking out last year, and everyone else supporting her." Now, "the supporting characters are all a little quirkier, and Joan is more grounded."Other changes in store for the new season, which bows Tuesday (8:30 ET/PT): Jeff Garlin plays Steinie, a new bar-owner pal for Jake. Jessica Hecht, who played Joan's friend, has left the show.