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Kyle Interviews
*Chat Session with Kyle Chandler 3/18/99


*Chat Session with Kyle Chandler 3/18/99
*Chat Session Kyle Chandler and Alex Taub 10/15/98
*Live with Regis and Kathie Lee 3/31/98
*Kyle on Donny and Marie 12/18/98
*Live With Regis and Kelly 4/3/01
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TVGen / Yahoo! Chat Session with...

Kyle Chandler -- March 18, 1999

CBS's hit series Early Edition! Kyle is here in our studios ready to answer your questions about Early Edition!TVGen / Yahoo! Chat Session with...

Kyle Chandler -- March 18, 1999

TVGen: Welcome everyone...we're here with Kyle of

KyleChandler: Hello friends.

Pamela507: Hi Kyle!! Do you know if Early Edition is going to get renewed?

KyleChandler: Yes I believe it will.

Ninjajody: Hi, I was wondering if the lady that plays Marissa is really blind?

KyleChandler: Marissa is not blind, but she does do a good job.

Venus_25_98: First of all, I want to say that I love the show and I would like to know how you got started in the biz.

KyleChandler: Met friends one drunken night in college. Asked them what they did. Suggested A Comedy of Errors, a Shakespearean play. I tried it, I got it, they applauded, I found a career.

JustinLuva14: Hey Kyle...What advice would you give to a wannabe actress? I'm young, but it is my dream to become an actress.

KyleChandler: Study, study, study...Be sure you find someone you're comfortable with as a teacher and a mentor and break a leg.

JustinLuva14: How has being an actor changed your life?

KyleChandler: As an actor, I'm able to play all the characters of life.

Manolis_varna: Do you face any difficulties with that cat during the shooting of the show?

KyleChandler: Yes. The cat not too long ago had an operation on its nasal passage. After the operation, the cat became addicted to painkillers. The cat now refuses to come out of the trailer when asked to. It had a sordid affair with the dog and now has seven paternity suits pending within the city of Chicago alone. The end.

Manolis_varna: Why did you choose to shoot the show in Chicago?

KyleChandler: Chicago has a reputation as a newspaper town. It's also a big town, but it has a small town feel.

K2_Snowgirl_77: What's your fav color?

KyleChandler: Black.

Peregrin_anna: This week's episode looks fairly serious, will that tone carry over to the rest of the season?

KyleChandler: Yes, this a turning point in the show. As to how it affects the show directly, I am uncertain, but it will indeed affect the show.

Flyerette_89: How is finally failing going to change Gary's personality?

KyleChandler: It opens up a new dimension in the character and allows me to find new colors which have not been played before.

Peregrin_anna: What is the status of "Angel's Dance"? Will we get to see it in theaters soon?

KyleChandler: I understand that it went to some film festivals, but I have not seen the final project yet. It more than likely will not be in theaters.

Venus_25_98: Are you married?

KyleChandler: Yes to the cat.

MalitaRose: Does everyone get along great outside of the studio?

KyleChandler: No, they don't even get along inside the studio. Ha ha. It's actually one hell of a great crew.

Flyerette_89: Gary's been kind of grumpy lately, it's nice to see the occasional genuine smile from him. What kind of things actually make Gary happy?

KyleChandler: Good question. Gary's problem is that he is always preoccupied saving someone's life. It's seldom that he's able to just sit back and enjoy. I promise to try and smile a little bit more especially when Constance Marie's character, Briggatti is in the show.

Flyerette_89: Some of us are unhappy with Erica as Gary's love interest. Would your wife consider breaking into acting so we could see some genuine chemistry?

KyleChandler: There are a lot of changes in store for the final shows...Stay tuned sweetie and hold onto your hats!

Manolis_varna: What are your favorite artists?

KyleChandler: To be an artist is to be able to delve into one's soul into the good and into the bad. One must respect all artists, for we are all artists and we all must respect each other.

Flyerette_89: Where would you like to see your career go after Early Edition ends? More TV, movies, theater or something completely different perhaps?

KyleChandler: I've been fortunate enough to do TV, features, theater, etc.... My goal is to continue all of these endeavors.

Flyerette_89: What is your favorite dessert?

KyleChandler: Hot pecan pie with a clump of butter on top and the perfunctory glass of whole vitamin D milk.

Flyerette_89: Do you want us to lobby for another year for EE or are you about ready to move on?

KyleChandler: Lobby! I'm very proud of this show.

Flyerette_89: How hard is it to juggle your family life with shooting a TV show? Your daughter was adorable on Rosie by the way, takes after dad!

KyleChandler: It's incredibly difficult. To answer some other questions, I don't have anything planned for this summer other than spending time with my family.

CountrySweetheart16: Hi Kyle. I'm a huge fan of yours. What is your most memorable moment about being an actor?

KyleChandler: Working with Peter O'Toole. Ever since high school and seeing The Ruling Class, I dreamt of working with Peter O'Toole. Not only did I work with him, but the fellow bought me a scotch. That's a dream come true.

K2_Snowgirl_77: Has there ever been an episode where you don't save the people?

KyleChandler: Indeed the reason I am in NYC right now is to promote Saturday night's show the 20th, called Fate. In this episode, from the start, Gary will have someone fall from his grasp to his death. Later in the show, Gary will find his own obituary. This is a turning point for the show and for Gary. I would definitely suggest watching the show as I am proud of it and it is something far different from any other episode. I really hope you guys like it.

Flyerette_89: The ladies of the KCEB want to see some skin! Any chance we might get lucky and catch Gary sans shirt?

KyleChandler: You want skin baby, I'll give you skin. But first you've got to wait for me to lose this winter coat. I'm like a bear. Come winter I gain 15 to 20 pounds. Another couple of episodes and I'll find a spot to remove it for ya.

FreezeWave: What's tomorrow's lottery's?

KyleChandler: 11-14-30-31-45-46. But I get 30%.

Manolis_varna: What do you like watching on TV most?

KyleChandler: I search for the old classics, History Channel, Biography, and I just got a new DVD player. I suggest you get one too. Great quality.

Redingfour: Kyle, I'm a Brazilian fan...Hi...

KyleChandler: Oddly enough I get a lot of Brazilian fan mail. Thank you for watching the show.

Scraps2741: What do you like most about your character and what do you enjoy most about the surreal role that you play on Early Edition?

KyleChandler: In Early Edition, I'm able to play drama, comedy, and everything in between. There is nothing that I feel insecure about trying while playing the role of Gary. As an actor, this frees me up completely and it allows the show to change over the future.

Jeriell: Hi Kyle...I am from Holland it's 1:15am out here...just a question. What's your biggest fear?

KyleChandler: Fear of losing my most prized possessions; my wife and my daughter. My life.

Fat_deb: What was your favorite episode?

KyleChandler: The Wrong Man and Saturday's episode coming up, Fate.

Babysavannah: What kind of schedule do you have while working? Long days?

KyleChandler: Yes, my daughter watches occasionally. My working hours are Mon - Fri, 12 to 16 hours a day.

Pamela507: Kyle, I really enjoy Early Edition a lot but have been unhappy with the inconsistencies in the personality of Gary and want to know if that's going to change?

KyleChandler: No, it's the inconsistencies in his character that allow the show, IMHO, to create a believability for an unbelieveable premise as well as for me. It keeps the character alive at all times and allows me to have so many colors and to stay alive in all scenes.

Docboy05: Who is the funniest person to work with on the show?

KyleChandler: Billy Worley who plays the character of Patrick. He's the best addition to the show so far.

Jdh_14: What's your favorite sport?

KyleChandler: Baseball, baseball, baseball.

Xphile66: Do you ever have any input on the episodes or have you ever come up with an idea for an episode?

KyleChandler: Yeah. The first year I had no input whatsoever. The second year and the third year when the show really took off, in my opinion, is when the communication between producers, writers and actors became open and flowered. Often there are many suggestions floating around the stage, for ideas or situations and they are taken to the producers and then called in to the writers and indeed used on the show. In this way I have created certain scenes within the show and been able to affect the courses of certain episodes. All this is due to the teamwork between all of us at Early Edition that allows the show to thrive and stay on the air. As well I'd like to thank all of you for watching, for your fan mail, for your support and for tuning in tonight. I feel very moved to have so many of you be involved in this chat tonight. It makes what I do much more special.

Dioger: Do you plan to maybe direct or produce one of the episodes?

KyleChandler: I have thought about directing and I'm not quite sure if I have the desire and the love to direct. I do have the desire and love to act. If I heard someone say that they'd like to act just to see what it's like, it would really piss me off. I don't want to direct just to find out what it's like. I'd like to want it bad enough to fight for it.

Smoothicyhot: My name is Mike. I am from Pennsylvania and I have a few questions. Will you find out the source of where those papers are coming from, will it be this season? There should be a villain in the next year's season or added to the season ender. Will there? How will this season end....last May's was good.

KyleChandler: Yeah...We have played with the idea of finding out where the paper comes from in the form of Lucious Snow. Saturday you will meet Lucious Snow on the show. The entire show is shot on location in the city of Chicago with the studio in Cicero. We're the longest running show in Chicago's history. That we are all proud of.

Lil_marky: How much do you make a year?

KyleChandler: For as much as I enjoy my job and don't tell anyone this at CBS, too much.

Jdh_14: I want to know what cartoon character you would most like to be like!

KyleChandler: I don't know for sure, but I do know which cartoon character I'd like to date the most. Blondie's daughter. Oh man.

Rent2111: If you could be a fruit or vegetable, which one would you be?

KyleChandler: Pomegranate.

Barebirken: I'm from WY where the wind is as bad as it is in Chicago. Does the wind cause problems when filming?

KyleChandler: You bet. It's been so cold that we had to return to the studio and shoot inside for the day. Chicago sure is beautiful, but it's awfully tough in the winter.

Blond_1971: So what do you do when you're not acting? What other interests do you have?

KyleChandler: I like motorcycling, hunting, yes hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, nudging pedestrians with my vehicle, which is legal in GA and spending time with my family.

Kittenkaboodle_99: Where can I send fan mail?

KyleChandler: Send to CBS in LA. Get the address off the web site. If you want pictures please send return address envelopes, 8x10 size. My wife gets tired of labeling all those.

Kindermusik_98: What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?

KyleChandler: Single malt scotches.

James_bondpa: Will Gary find out where the papers are coming from? Where are they coming from? Will it be this season? Will new cast members be added? I think a villain should. Will there? How will this season end? Loved last May's ender.

KyleChandler: Hopefully, Crumb will return in more episodes next year. My mother and father will be back this year. Constance Marie who plays Briggatti will return and Patrick will return this year and there is a super thriller ending with the relationship between Kristy and Kyle's characters... Marriage?? Gunshot?? Vehicular Homicide?? Long Lasting Love Forever?? Tune in. Listen everybody, thank you so much. Be sure to turn in to Regis and Kathie Lee tomorrow morning live. I'd stick with you longer, if I didn't have to get up so doggone early. But again, I thank you, God Bless and Good Night.


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