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Kyle Interviews
*Kyle on Donny and Marie 12/18/98


*Chat Session with Kyle Chandler 3/18/99
*Chat Session Kyle Chandler and Alex Taub 10/15/98
*Live with Regis and Kathie Lee 3/31/98
*Kyle on Donny and Marie 12/18/98
*Live With Regis and Kelly 4/3/01
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Kyle Chandler on... Donny and Marie

Donny and Marie
Air Date: 12/18/98
Hosts: Donny and Marie Osmond
Guest: Kyle Chandler

Donny: Let me ask you something. Did you ever wonder what you'd do if you knew tomorrow's news today. That'd be cool, huh?

Marie: Wouldn't that be cool?

Donny: Well, that's what happens on CBS's Early Edition. Take a look at this.

(Clip from "Deadline")

Donny: Will you please welcome Kyle Chandler. (Lots of raucous cheering.)

Marie: Yeah!

(Kyle comes out waving to the audience, smiles at them, shakes Marie's hand and kisses her cheek, then high-fives Donny.)

Kyle: Hey! Very Good.

Marie: We knew that was happening.

Donny: We knew that was going to happen. (They both point at the screen behind them.)

(They all look at the Talk Show Gazette headline on the screen behind them. It says "Kyle Chandler Appears on the Donny and Marie Show")

Kyle: You knew I was going to be here.

Donny: Oh yeah we do a...

Marie: They love you Kyle, they love you. (Still much raucous screaming.)

Kyle: Hello everybody. Hey. (Waves at audience.) Thank you very much. Good morning. (Smiles - he's sucking on hard candy or chewing caramels or something. He's having a hard time with it. You should see the muscles in his cheeks.)

Donny: Great concept. What a great concept for a show. You play a hero on this show..

(Real nice Kyle smile here.)

Kyle: A reluctant hero.

Donny: Why do you mean by that?

Marie: Why do you say reluctant?

Kyle: I don't know why just I put these things in my mouth. When the show first started...its an odd concept, cause its a guy that gets tomorrow's newspaper brought to him by a magic cat, so...

(Some guy in the audience cheers for the cat.)

Kyle: You like cats, do ya? Ummm, uh, yeah, so there's the cat and everything. Anyway, ya know, you've got this guy who's running around taking care of everyone, what have you. So I figured one of the early things on that, if he enjoys what he's doing he's obviously got problems's a, it's a guy who

(Kyle has his hands folded in between his legs when he's not using them to express himself.)

Marie: He's got problems?

Kyle: Yeah, he wants to get away from the paper cause in the first episode he, he tried to get away from it and the cat follows him out to this cabin in the middle of nowhere and the paper as well.

Donny: Right.

Kyle: So it's a, it's a mystical thing that's following him, so, uh, he wishes he had just a plain, normal life, but instead he's constantly...

(As someone pointed out on the main list, he's slowly waving his hands from side to side like he does when he's talking around waist height.)

Donny: Right.

Marie: But then he's got this great gift...I mean, I think it's cool. This is your third season, right?

(Kyle looks like he's trying to bite whatever's in his mouth to get rid of it while Marie is talking. <G>)

Kyle: Third season.

Marie: How does that feel?

Kyle: It's great...

(He looks out at the audience and smiles. More raucous applause from the audience.)

Kyle: (Smiling, then pointing out into the audience) I hooked him up here. My biggest fan right there.

Marie: Let me ask you, as you go into your third season.

Kyle: Um hmm

(He's rubbing the tip of his another of those habits he has when he's fidgety.)

Marie: There's usually like different kinds of things that happen. Is there something different that's going on?

(An interesting note - during most of this interview Kyle is either looking at Donny and Marie, the camera, or the audience. When he starts talking about the third season he seems to have a bit of difficulty based on the way his eyes look down while he's talking about the new characters and Kristy. Quick, go get your body language reference book out! <G>)

Kyle: Uh yeah, this season we've got, we've got new characters. We've got, uh, Kristy Swanson's on the show and we moved the time slot back an hour. (Notice how Kyle says very little about her.)

Donny: So what time are you on now?

Kyle: So, we're on 8:00.

Donny: 8:00. On what...?

Kyle: 8:00 on CBS, Saturday nights.

Donny: Saturday nights.

(Kyle's got the fingers on his left hand spread out and looks like he's messing with his wedding ring. <G>)

Kyle: And we've got uh, uh, Kristy comes on with this little boy, uh, Myles Jeffries and uh, as well we've got this other fellow, uh, Billie Worley who, uh, he plays a bartender, he's absolutely hilarious. (Kyle smiles a lot when he's talking about Billie) I mean this guy's he's very funny, he's great on the show, he's just great. And uh, so, you know, with the new characters and everything and, uh, and the youth of the child and everything and the new time slot...and also we've got, uh, we just got a writing staff, but this year, you know we're starting in a different level now, and uh, last year we had Jeff Melvoin who used to a, do, uh, Northern Exposure he came in, he's just a great guy and he's got these great writers, course, uh.... (Donny breaks in here...they need to go to commercial)

Donny: Well I gotta tell ya, if I knew tomorrow's news, I would be a betting man. I mean, you think about it. That would be awesome.

(Kyle is rubbing his hands.)

Marie: You would?

Kyle: Oh you could...

Donny: I would be, I would change to be a betting man.

Marie: Well I'll betcha that it's time for commercial.

Donny: Ok, i'll bet you. We've got more we've got to talk to you about (to Kyle). We'll be back with Kyle right after this.

(Kyle's clapping, waves to the audience, smiles real nice at the audience, then Donny and Marie, picks up his glass and enjoys the raucous applause that's blaring through the music. They are talking off camera, its looks like about the audience.)


Donny: You're all set?

Kyle: No, I haven't started yet.

(Kyle still has his hands folded, arms on his knees.)

Marie: You haven't done anything? (They've been talking off-camera and the mic just started coming up.)

Kyle: I haven't, I haven't had time to shop for my wife for Christmas.

Marie: We just asked him if he was ready for Christmas.

Donny: He said no, he hasn't even started shopping. GET ON THE CASE, WILL YA?

Kyle: I'm, I'm working on it.

Donny: And you grew up in Chicago, right?

Kyle: Yeah, until I was 11 I grew up in Chicago and then I moved down to Georgia.

Donny: I love Chicago, I used to live there.

Kyle: and, Chicago's great.

Marie: That's quite a change.

Donny: My mom's from the North Shore.

Kyle: Yeah.

Marie: From Chicago to Georgia? Where in Georgia?

Kyle: Well we moved from, we went from Lake Forest Illinois which is a rather, it's a very nice community down to Loganville, Georgia which is it's grown up quite a bit now but back then it was very rural so it's like night and day. It was a complete opposite world.

(Kyle's clenching his hands together now.)

Marie: Was that hard for you?

Donny: Why Georgia?

Kyle: It was, it wasn't...which one do I talk to? (Kyle says "yes/no" real fast like he's looking at Marie when he says yes and Donny when he says No.)

Marie: Just me, just look at me.

Donny: It wasn't?

Kyle: It was, ok, that's easier, that's very easy. (Marie's laughing while she's flirting at him.) Uh no, it's uh, uh...

Donny: (To Marie) Thank you. What am I? A tree?

(Marie looks at Donny and laughs)

(Kyle's doing the think where he rubs his chin.)

Kyle: We went to, uh, we went down to, to Loganville and, uh, it's just a very rural area where many of the homes around they still have the outhouses and stuff literally drawing water and uh, it was, it was a blessing because you don't see things like that in life. They may not have much but they're the most generous giving people at the same time so it's, it was growing up to have both worlds it was very exciting, it was very...

Marie: What did you do for fun?

(Kyle is rubbing his hands together again.)

Kyle: Well, when I first got down there, uh, when people ask how I got into acting, it's, it's one of the things, when I first moved to Georgia there weren't many people around me and we had, a, a small farm, and 22 acres, and uh, my father was teaching me how to hunt something you don't do in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Donny: Right

Kyle: And uh, at the same time, Ted Turner had just started a new station, but it was UHF back then, it was long before cable and ya know, you'd tune in at the right time of the day and you get it just right, you'd get all the old Cary Grant movies, old Jimmy Stewart, the John Wayne, W. C. Fields,

Marie: Yes, the great classics.

Kyle: all the old black and whites and so I sorta grew up watching these things over and over and over and when I'd go out on this little farm of mine, these people became my friends. And so they were basically my characters that I played with growing up. Ya know, so uh...

(Very expressive with his hands, they're moving way out there now.)

Marie: Wow.

Kyle: I think that's when people ask "How did you get into acting" I think that's where it started. It's nice to be able to still have these, these friends, ya know.

(Nice smile.)

Donny: You bet.

Marie: Yeah.

Kyle: Cause it's your childhood, so

Donny: And it keeps ya grounded.

(Kyle rubs his hands again.)

Kyle: Yeah.

Donny: Now before you got into acting though, I understand that you used to be a, uh, dinosaur salesmen.

Kyle: Dinosaur salesman for the Natural Museum of History here in Los Angeles.

(Kyle takes a drink from his glass.)

Marie: How do you sell dinosaurs?

Donny: (Picks up a dinosaur from the ground.) All right, what's that?

Kyle: That would be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Marie: Very good Donny.

(The crowd applauds wildly - rowdy bunch.)

Kyle: (Kyle looks at the audience and kind of moves his hand towards the audience.) Thank you.

Donny: You know I know so much about dinosaurs you could say it's a thesaurus and I wouldn't even know the difference.

Marie: A thesaurus? (laughs)

Kyle: Ok, it changed though. (Kyle bends down and picks the dinosaur up off the floor and starts messing with it.) When I, when I was selling them, they didn't have this thing, they didn't have this big, sharp toe popping up.

Donny: Oh yeah. Ok, what's this?

Kyle: Nor batteries inside.

Donny: What's this?

Marie: Oh, that's a, a...

Kyle: That's a Tri... (He's waiting for Marie to guess.)

Marie: Tri..

Kyle and Marie Together: Triceratops (Kyle hi-fives Marie)

Kyle: Exactly. There ya go.

Marie: I have children.

Donny: (Holds up another model) Ok, what's that, what's that?

Kyle: Well, that used to be..

Donny: A long neck, right?

Kyle: That used to be...a brontosaurus, but I think they changed it to stegosaurus now, didn't they?

(He's talking with his right hand up at chest level with his first finger and thumb together - real cute questioning look on his face as he's talking.)

Donny: I thought they were called long necks.

Kyle: That's a beer. That's a beer.

Marie: You're watching videos.

Donny: That's a beer, oh that's a beer. Any other odd jobs growing up?

Kyle: Hey what is the damn thing? (He picks it up off the table.)

Donny & Marie: I don't know what it is.

Kyle: Oh, it's a brachiosaurus.

Donny: Oh yeah, that's what it was.

Marie: Uh huh, yeah. (Sarcastically, like Donny even has a clue. <G>) Broccoliasaurus.

Donny: Any other odd jobs growing up before acting?

Kyle: Um, (he's scratching his cheek..another nervous habit? I forgot what was on the list. <G>) I worked at the, uh, Palace for a while here in town which was a night club. That was one of my first jobs as a bouncer, which was...

Marie: You were a bouncer?

(Really cute smile by him.)

Kyle: Which was, yeah, which didn't work out too well. I remember one night I'm sitting one *** (can't hear it - night maybe?) before the stage and he's on the other side, ball's going, everyone's dancing out there (he's flailing his arms up and down), and all of the sudden I see there's like eight gigantic people and they're pushing each other around doing this (he's motioning how they're pushing each other around). I'm like, oh my goodness, and so I go, Trent, Trent. I'm yelling to my buddy Trent Ross, I'm going, HEY, HEY! (Waving his arms in the air.) And he's sitting there looking at the ball blowing bubbles. (He makes the cutest face while he's trying to imitate the bubbles coming out of the machine I guess. <G>) So it's up to me and I jumped off the speaker and I ran down there (some more really cute smiles). I didn't know what I was gonna, ya know, I'm not a fighter, I'm sorry. But I ran up to 'em thinking I'm going to save the day (moving his arms back and forth like he's sorta boxing at someone about waist level) and I stopped and I went "HEY!!!!" (in a real low, gruff, voice with a mean face) and they all just stopped and sorta they looked a me and I said (switches to the all innocent and Gary-like face) "you, you can't do that in here." (A boatload of great Kyle smiles!) So, that was it. It sort of broke up and the calvary came and it was over.

(Lots of audience applause. Kyle drinks from his glass again.)

Donny: Good for you. Kyle, you've got something that I want so badly, you've got a Harley Davidson.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Donny: I wanna get a Harley so badly, my wife has put her foot down.

Kyle: Oh

Donny: I can't get a Harley. (to the camera) Honey, I want a Harley.

Kyle: (With a little of that innocent look of his where he raises his eyebrows) Give him a motorcycle, come on, honey(?).

Donny: (pointing to Kyle) Look, look, (pointing for Kyle to say it into the camera) Debbie

Kyle: Give him, Deb, Deb, please, give him a motorcycle.

Donny: Thank you. You hear that Deb?

(Really loud rowdy audience applause.)

Kyle: Yeah. (Rubbing his hands back and forth.)

Marie: Really, really quickly, your charity, I love it. You have Doctor's Without...

Kyle: Doctor's Without Borders. Doctor's Without Borders. Uh, Doctor's Without Borders is one of the neatest groups, uh, it started in '71, they've got two offices in New York and Los Angeles, they're doctors from around the world that give their time...

Marie: And they donate their time.

Kyle: to go into places of famine, places of war, places of natural disaster and they give of themselves to help people and...

Marie: My pediatrician does that. Very cool.

Kyle: (Playing with his wedding ring again), you wanna check them out. (Heh, and we thought Kyle was internet illiterate <smirk>)

Marie: Very cool.

(Much raucous applause from audience.)

Kyle: They're great.

Donny: Kyle,

Marie: Thank you so much.

Donny: Thank you for being here. (Donny shakes Kyle's hand.)

Kyle: Thank you very much.

Donny: Early Edition, Saturday nights...

Kyle: Saturday nights at 8 o'clock. Please tune in. We've got a good show this Saturday. (Rubs his hands back and forth again.)

(Even more raucous applause.)

Donny: Thank you very much.

Kyle: All right. (Shakes Marie's hand, then picks up the dinosaur and looks at it. At the end, he actually smiled half-way decent at Donny while he was talking to him...during the interview he seemed a little put off by Donny. He talks to Donny who is holding the triceratops dinosaur and kinda shakes the one he is holding.)

Kyle Chandler on...
Donny and Marie