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If Photos are your thing The Kyle Chandler Community is a MUST for you. It has the most AWESOME collection of photos of Kyle I have seen anywhere. However, it is a private club so it is best to give the Founder a message as to where you found out about the club and why you want to join.



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This website (And Then Theres Joan) has transcripts of the episodes and screen captures and is especially good for European fanswho are not able to see the show.

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NOTE TO FANS: This movie has been in the negociating stage for over several years now. The status and future of this movie remains unknown at this time. As of now (December 2001) prodution has still not begun.

A clip from the Shade of Gray Website:

New information: 01-06-01

For those who are not new to our site, you know how long we have been at this...

It has been more than three years (or is it now four!) that Sugar Moon Productions has been developing the project "A Shade of Gray." It is still a difficult and frustrating task. However, with the new year and the "real" new millennium, we are taking a different tact toward securing production funds. Sometime in early spring, 2001, we will begin production of a 30 minute trailer to be used to solicit finishing funds for the project. There are those who say this is not the best way to secure funding/distribution, but we believe that by showing first hand the remarkable level of performance promised by our cast and by demonstrating the exquisite production value we can create within our budget, then securing production funds and distribution will become a reality.
We receive email almost every day from the world wide base of Kyle Chandler fans and from folks who know Hayley from her many film and TV appearances. Every email expresses excitement and enthusiasm for the project, but each ends with the same nagging question... "When will we see the film?" We can only say that our efforts have not diminished and that within the next year we hope to have the film in the can and going to distribution.

Thanks to all for your show of support for this worthwhile project. We promise not to disappoint you.

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This is a place where Early Edition fans write ongoing fictional stories about EE and it's characters.