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Kyle Martin Chandler was born on September 17, 1965 in Buffalo, New York. He was raised in Chicago suburbs until the age of 11, when he and his family moved to the small town Loganville, Georgia. He has two brothers in their 40's (one lives in Florida and the other in Texas), as well as an older sister living in California, and his mother, Sally, a dog breeder, has lived on the same 22-acre farm where Kyle grew up until just recently (May 2000). His father, Edward, passed away when Kyle was still a boy. Kyle earned a bachelor's degree in theater from the University of Georgia in Athens, where he first landed the lead in their production of A Comedy of Errors. Kyle and his wife, Kathryn, a screenwriter, live in California with their daughter Sydney. They have two terriers, Buckley and Otis (named for R&B singer Otis Redding).


Fun Facts

An avid fisherman, Chandler rarely manages to snag more than a minnow. "I like casting the line more than catching the fish," he says. "I take my wife. It's a relaxation thing."

Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: "Mud puddle green"


Color: black
Sport: Baseball!
Drink: Single malt scotches Desert:"Hot pecan pie with a clump of butter on top and the perfunctory glass of whole vitamin D milk."
Movie: The Maltese Falcon
Music: It depends on the mood
Books: Suspense
EE episodes: "The Wrong Man" and "Fate".

True Confession

When he was a teen, Chandler's mother had to bail him out of jail for what he'll only describe as "little stupid stuff."

To write to Kyle,use the following address:

Kyle Chandler
C/0 Cynthia Pett-Dante
Brillstein Grey Entertainment
9150 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 350
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Someone who sent Kyle a birthday present at this address did recieve a "thank you" note, so it's your best bet for a reply.

You can also write to Kyle or any cast member of the "Joan Cusack Show" at this address:

(actor's name)
c/o Ashland Productions
5660 West Taylor St. Stage #3
Chicago, Illinois 60644