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*Entertainment Weeky January 1992


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Kyle Chandler and Tammy Lauren

They keep the Homefront fires burning

Entertainment Weekly
January 1992

Who is that sexy, funny, awkward, quarrelsome-but-made-for-each-other duo steaming up TV screens this season on ABC's 1940's drama Homefront? Meet Jeff and Ginger. He's "young - very young - naive, and confused." She's "the virgin from hell - she's had sex once but she'll never admit it." And thanks to the witty interplay and off-the-charts chemistry between actors Kyle Chandler and Tammy Lauren, their fractious relationship has grown from a planned three-week plot line to a full-throttle, full-season romance with no end in sight. Both performers found an affinity for the WWII era during thier Georgia childhoods - Chandler watched old movies "on Ted Turner's channel, before anyone ever heard of him," and Lauren listened to war stories from her father. But neither predicted the heat they'd throw off as a team. "I was too nervous to notice how well we did together," says Chandler, 26. "Our first scene was a love scene, which I'd never done." "Now," says Lauren, "the crew laughs at us - we're like an old married couple. We'll sit on the set and argue over a line for a half hour." Chandler: "Whenever I'm stuck, she throws me something that gets me started." Lauren: "Yeah, I remind him of the times we were both out of work. Now we go out after shooting ends and people think we're really a couple." She hoots with laughter. "That is so cool!" (P.S. They're not)